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As already mentioned, most of society tends to lead a sedentary lifestyle. We do not like to change the habitat, if everything suits us. Therefore, a change of location is often explained by the search for better conditions for living, earning money and raising offspring

In postmodern society, special motives for changing one's place of residence are often associated with the "status" of the area. In other words, such decisions are explained more by irrational reasons than by basic requirements for living conditions.

The main mistake of most investors is the spontaneity of the decision. Most often, holidaymakers (tourists) who come from vacation with a preliminary contract for the purchase of real estate fall into such a trap.

Let's formulate the first rule for choosing a city or region: to buy real estate in any region or city, it is worth living there in rented housing for several months. During this time, your view of the chosen place will change dramatically.


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