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Meet Your Farmers #1: Francisco and Lorena

You already know Farias Farm's quality produce and now it's time for you to get to know the farmers that bring you all that delicious produce. So, today we will be meeting Francisco and Lorena. Francisco is 1 of the 3 owners and Lorena is his wife, they have 3 lovely kids together and together they are all instrumental in growing Farias Farm's organic produce. Francisco has been working in organic agriculture for over 18 years alongside Dykstra Farms, a local organic farm in Burlington, Washington and has used all that experience in his own farm.

When Francisco isnt farming he is at home spending time with his kids. He enjoys helping his kids hone their musical skills. Erick, his oldest likes to play the guitar, his next oldest Jasmine likes to play the Piano and sing, they even started their very own brother sister band alongside their cousin on drums, although, the band is currently on an indefinite hiatus in order to focus on school. His youngest daughter is 3 and a half years old at the moment and does not yet play an instrument but she does love to play with her toys and be adorable all the time.

When Lorena isnt busy helping Francisco working on the farm she keeps quite busy herself, Lorena is currently attending Skagit Valley College and is the process of getting a career in nursing, she will be graduating SVC in the Spring of 2020. Aside, from helping out on the farm and attending Skagit Valley College Lorena also keeps busy with her kids being a full time mom.

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