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Meet Your Farmers #2: Juan and Bianca

In today's meet your farmers blog we get to meet Juan and Bianca. Juan is one of the three founding members of Farias Farm, he and his wife Bianca are integral in briging organic produce to all of our customers and our community. Juan has been working on farms since he was in 8th grade, when he would spend his summers on farms picking berries and harvesting produce. Juan attended and graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in Communications while Bianca graduated from the Evergreen State College.

Juan has a full time job with the City of Burlington, he is the Latinx Outreach Associate for the Burlington Public Library and he is also the Public Defense Program Assistant for the Public Defense department. Once he is done with his 9 to 5 he heads over to the farm to finish out his day. "It's a lot of work but it's very satisfying to see all the great produce we are able to share with our community". When he isnt at his regular job or on the farm Juan enjoys spending time with his 2 daughters, going on hikes in the magnificent Pacific Northwest, going mountain biking, and doing some home brewing (he makes some tasty IPAs).

Bianca also has a full time job aside from working on the farm, Bianca is a teacher at a child care learning facility where she works with kids, helping them develop their motor, social, and cognitive skills before they head off into Kindergarten. In her spare time Bianca likes to go on hikes and explore the Pacific Northwest with Juan and their 2 little ones. While Juan likes to brew IPAs Bianca enjoys brewing kombucha and is pretty good at it too. Bianca really enjoys growing plants and has a nice collection that help brighten up their home. When Bianca needs to get away from it all she opens up a good book and goes on amazing adventures.

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